5 Things Single Dads Want You to Know

Here are five things dads want us to know about mothering.Today, there are more dads than ever who are in primary custody roles, and tackling both fathering and mothering. Here are five things dads want us to know about mothering.

1. Single Dads take parenting seriously.

Often, the jokes moms make about not trusting daddy to do anything parenting-related, might offend them because they take parenting their children and establishing good relationships with them very seriously. It is easy to make the, “Dad making lunch would be a slice of pizza and a can of beer,” jokes, but the reality is that dads love their kids as much as we do, and do their best to care for them like we would.

2. Dads have sensitive sides too.

Sometimes, we assume that dads don’t have the same emotions we do, or ability to discuss emotional topics with their children. Many single dads will tell you, though, their children brought emotions to their hearts they didn’t really know they had. Having children led them to explore sensitive sides they may not have been in tune with before they became parents. The responsibility of helping their kids explore emotions is a large one, and they are fully aware of the impact.

3. Dads work hard and need breaks too.

Too often, society implies that mothers who don’t want their children glued to their hips are selfish and not good parents. For dads, many fear the labeling of ‘lazy parent’ or ‘deadbeat dad,’ if they are not Mr. Moms themselves. But, they’ll tell you: They know parenting is hard, and they do it as best they can. They get tired like we do, and need breaks just as much. They aren’t looking for ways to be lazy parents, but to recharge so they can be all they can for their kids.

4. They love being involved in their kids’ lives.

When you are your kids’ everything, you are there for everything. And you know what? The dads we talked to said they love every second of it. They love being soccer dads, hanging with their kids at their class parties and all the opportunities for together time they can get. They are thankful for the opportunity to be present in their kids’ lives.

5. They will not let you in unless they can trust you with their kids’ hearts.

Dads we talk to tell us that though they miss being involved in committed relationships, they’re guarded with their hearts because they want to protect the hearts of their children at all costs. Dating a single dad might be slow and steady, and becoming part of their kids’ lives will bring Papa Bear to a whole new level.

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